Colorado finishes top five in the United States.

The website 24/ recently released a report where the 50 states of the U.S. were ranked from best to worst for spending your golden years. Colorado took the third spot overall. The others in the top five are South Dakota, Montana, Vermont and the number one Wyoming.

The rankings were from a collection of several different aspects such as cost of living, average household income, the number of hospitals, crime rate, activities and the population of other older residents.

I think the Western Slope would be a great place to retire. Well, maybe Hawaii would be number one, but here would definitely rank WAY up there. Plenty of ways to stay active, your relatively close to everything, the weather isn't too extreme and of course the whole marijuana thing.

Here are the bottom five.

  • 46) Alabama
  • 47) Arkansas
  • 48) Louisiana
  • 49) West Virginia
  • 50) Mississippi

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