Western Colorado is as beautiful as it is fascinating to learn about. We love asking you about fun and random facts you have learned over the years about the Western Slope.

What's an interesting fact about Western Colorado that you know? Scroll through the photo gallery below to read the interesting tidbits others shared using our station app.

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Colorado's Grand Mesa

With a landmark as large and beautiful as the Grand Mesa, it tends to get a lot of focus. The fact that Grand Mesa is the largest flat-top mountain on earth is one of the first random facts people usually learn about the Grand Junction area. Did you know that Grand Mesa is an extinct volcano? The lava flow used to stretch for 320,000 acres in Western Colorado.

Western Colorado's Burning Mountain

Did you know that a town in Western Colorado has been burning for over 125 years? The community of New Castle has been burning since at least 1899, the year the Consolidated Mine caught fire. Burning Mountain is one of the oldest burning coal seam fires in Colorado.

Colorado's Coldest Temps

Did you know that from time to time, Colorado will register a temperature that ends up being the coldest place in America for 24 hours? It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. We heard from listeners in Gunnison who can remember the last time this happened.

Keep going to see what other random facts about the Western Slope we are talking about in the gallery below.

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