A ranch in Colorado is home to a plethora of classic cars, boasting over 700 vehicles.

The ranch is located in the extremely small town of Elizabeth, Colorado, which is located on the plains of the Centennial State east of Castle Rock.

Despite being located in what most would consider the middle of nowhere, the ranch is a sight to be seen. To put it into perspective, the owner of the ranch has a ridiculous amount of classic vehicles parked on his property. In addition, the owner also stores classic vehicles indoors in a giant garage with several doors that lead inside.

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The vehicles housed on the ranch are typically from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with some older vehicles peppered around throughout the property.

The majority of these vehicles are fairly well taken care of and are historic gems and serve as a reminder of what vehicles were once like, to say the least.

Check out this Colorado ranch that is packed with classic cars:

Colorado Ranch Has 700 Old Cars

A ranch in Colorado is home to 700+ classic cars.

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