Do you remember a Western Colorado radio jock using the moniker "The Loud Guy"? What became of him? Well, he's still out there, and he's asking for your assistance.

You may have heard Mitch "The Loud Guy" Micheau on KEKB back in the day. Right around 2000 or so, he became the morning host on Western Colorado's 95 Rock. Here about eight or nine years ago, following a cancer battle and graduation from nursing school, he departed radio in pursuit of greener pastures. I know what you're thinking. You're saying to yourself, "There are better jobs than working in radio?" Really? Well, maybe.

Fast forward to 2019. The Loud Guy reached out to me yesterday and shared an update as to his whereabouts.

Upon retiring from nursing after my 5th round with cancer, my first rented house near El Potrero Chico in Mexico, was the office building of a defunct gravel yard, a small, drafty shack with a gorgeous view of the cliffs, but little else to commend it. - Mitch "The Loud Guy" Micheau via GoFundMe

I called Mitch about a year ago regarding a radio opportunity that had opened up in Grand Junction. At the time, he was climbing a mountain somewhere in the middle of Mexico. Obviously, the radio gig didn't pan out, and equally obvious, he's still in Mexico.

What is this about his wanting your support? Mitch is currently building his dream home, all 450 square feet of it. Hey, when I first starting working with him, he was living in a chicken coop. Seriously.

mitch house Mexico
Mitch Micheau

Well, construction began, and like many projects, exhausted its funds before the structure could be completed.

The house needs to be "dried in" before I move in...roof, floor, windows and doors.  I will do the tiling, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, and supply the fixtures, but I have zero experience installing doors and windows in a concrete block house, let alone pouring a concrete roof!  Which, due to the lack of trees and lumber here, is how they do it.- Mitch "The Loud Guy" Micheau via GoFundMe

mitch house
Mitch Micheau

Can you assist? If I may, I would like to bring up the 14 years where The Loud Guy spent each Christmas living in a dumpster in the Grand Junction Walmart parking lot collecting food donations for the Community Food Bank. How about the magnificent Military Appreciation presentation he produced and hosted each year at Country Jam and Rock Jam? Those were the days.

Please check out Mitch's GoFundMe page. He's not building the Playboy Mansion, and this isn't a Park Place apartment. We're talkin' concrete blocks, a roof, running water, and that's about it. Please take a moment to view his page and give consideration to donating.

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