You'll be delighted to know you can now purchase marijuana in Colorado while enjoying huge savings.

Your friendly local Colorado weed producers are striving to provide excellent products while simultaneously keeping prices low. They're succeeding. Colorado prices are at a record low.

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Great Weed at Affordable Prices

According to Westword, Colorado marijuana prices have dropped to their lowest point since recreational sales kicked off back in 2014.

What Does the Colorado Department of Revenue Have To Say About This?

Believe it or not, the Colorado Department of Revenue actually has a page dedicated to "Average Market Rate for Unprocessed Retail Marijuana." If you take a snapshot of that page, this is what you'd see for the period October 1 through December 31, 2022:

  • Retail Bud - $658 per pound
  • Retail Trim - $249 per pound
  • Retail Immature Plant - $13 per plant
  • Wet Whole Plant - $126 per pound
  • Seed - $4 per seed
  • Trim Allocated for Extraction - $76 per pound
  • Bud Allocated for Extraction - $277 per pound

What the...? Did anyone understand a single word of that? What happened to the days when you bummed a few leaves off your buddy. When did they allocate a price for "Trim Allocated for Extraction," and what does that mean?

Looking at the Year 2022

Get a load of this:

Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Chart

What Does This Mean to the Weary Consumer?

At a glance, it looks as though you can get your ganja a little cheaper than you used to. There's a sense of foreboding when it comes to the future of our economy. Everywhere you go you'll hear talk of the impending recession. With this, combined with the shift in the housing market, it looks as though some aspects of our daily lives could become at least slightly more affordable in the near future.

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