If you have been to the grocery store since the beginning of the new year you may have noticed a few of your favorite items missing from the shelves in Colorado.

Avoid the disappointment of discovering some of your favorites are gone for good by scrolling through the list of 12 discontinued items in 2024 that are no longer found in stores around Grand Junction.

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Changes at Colorado Stores and Restaurants

The beginning of a new calendar year can sometimes come with some unexpected changes. Colorado stores and restaurants are missing a few products as we head into 2024 that you will want to know about before running to the store.

You'll also find some changes involving fast food chains as well. We will detail all the discontinued items in the gallery below.

What Happened To My Favorite Chips?

Fans of Pringles Jalapeno chips are not happy to kick off 2024. Kellogs has announced they will no longer offer the popular Jalapeno flavor, yet "Baconator" pringles are still available. Keep going to see what types of chips, soda, and dessert items are discontinued in Colorado.

What Happened To My Sierra Mist?

Sierra Mist Soda has been a competitor with Sprite, 7-Up, and more over the years but no longer. Sierra Mist is being phased out and replaced by a similar product, Starry.

Keep going for a closer look at items that will be hard to find in Colorado in 2024.

12 Popular Food Items Gone Forever at Colorado Stores

Several companies are making room for new products in 2024 by discontinuing some items that may include a few of your favorites. Keep going to see 12 items discontinued from Colorado stores and restaurants in the year ahead.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

Item #12: Nabisco Chocolate Wafers


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