It's not often you will find a police officer in the state of Colorado panhandling, but for Officer Carolyn Becker, it had to be done.

Officer Becker recently donated a portion of her liver to a young Colorado child who was dealing with a failing liver. The boy's insurance paid for her portion of it, but not his.

The family is having to try and find a way to pay the $20,000 they owe but have no idea how they will pay for it. But, according to Officer Becker, her responsibility didn't end with her liver donation.

"I decided to hold a sign on the side of the road and essentially panhandle to try and raise money for him, which can be a nice way to do it because people can ask questions. They pull over, I've shown people pictures and had conversations with people out there," she said.

With only $400 raised that way so far, a Go-Fund-Me page has been set up to try and raise the rest.

The young man sent her a letter in March:

"He wrote, 'Dear donor, thank you so much for my new chance at life. I never could imagine this happening. Now I can excel in school. I have no more itching and jaundice, and I can be more normal. I would like to meet you in person one day if possible. Forever grateful,'" Becker said.

We need more officers, more people like Officer Becker.

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