Several residents in Loma, Colorado, commented on social media about the sound of a low-flying aircraft approaching the state line Wednesday. This sound was followed by a Mesa County Search and Rescue Team heading for the Colorado-Utah border.

It turns out that a small aircraft headed from Grand Junction to Tacoma, Washington, went down shortly after takeoff.

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Wednesday Plane Crash in Grand County, Utah

A small fixed-wing aircraft took off from Grand Junction Airport at 10:37 am on Wednesday, disappearing shortly after takeoff. The private passenger aircraft was headed for Tacoma, Washington when it crashed opposite Loma, Colorado, on the Utah side of the state line.

Police scanners came to life with activity just before as first responders headed to a crash site in Grand County, Utah. Crews from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, and Mesa County Search and Rescue found no survivors.

What Type of Plane Went Down?

News 11 reports that the plane is believed to be a 2007 Hawker Beechcraft 750/850 fixed-wing multi-engine aircraft that can carry up to eight passengers. Wrecked found in Grand County, Utah, included a portion of the plane's tail and registry number. The tail number was N900VA. The aircraft registry belongs to a Texas-based aviation company.

Authorities Report No Survivors

According to KKCO, only two people were reported on board the aircraft. The identities of the victims on board remained unknown on the day of the crash. So far, first responders have been unable to locate the remains of the victims. Both the NTSB and FAA are beginning their investigation into what happened.

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