How often have you been driving down I-70 in Colorado and encountered a vehicle determined to stay in the left lane? If a motorist is driving under the speed limit in the left lane in Colorado, can another motorist legally pass them on the right?

What does the law say in Colorado about passing on the right?

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Can A Person Legally Drive Under the Speed Limit in Colorado?

The only time you should drive below the posted speed limit on purpose is when road conditions make it dangerous to travel at normal speeds. In the state of Colorado, CDOT and local authorities can set minimum speed limits as well. Colorado law prohibits motorists from driving so slowly that they tie up traffic and cause slowdowns. You can get a ticket for driving too slowly in some parts of Colorado.

One example is that it is illegal in Colorado to drive under the posted speed limit on portions of I-70 with a 6% uphill grade. You can get a ticket for not maintaining the minimum posted speed in these areas.

Can You Legally Pass On The Right In Colorado?

In the state of Colorado, it is legal for a motorist to overtake and pass another vehicle on the right only under conditions that permit this movement safely. If passing someone on the right means you have to move off the roadway or onto the shoulder to get around them, then it is not safe to pass on the right.

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