Chances are that you have taken a flight over Colorado's Rocky Mountains a time or two, but have you ever flown over the mountains while paragliding?

This adrenaline-fueled adventure is not for the faint of heart, but the experience is one you will never forget. Scroll on to see what it's like to paraglide over the mountain ranges of Aspen with a go-pro in hand.

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Paragliding in Aspen, Colorado

The team at Aspen Paragliding are pilots certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association as Advanced Tandem Instructors. They can fly you over the mountains from Snowmass to Aspen, or they can teach you to become a certified pilot yourself.

A typical flight from Aspen Mountain usually takes about two hours. Most flights reach an elevation of 11,000 feet with some going as high as 18.000 feet. Who's watching for the airplanes?

Things to Know Before You Go

Arrive early as the paperwork you'll need to fill out will be the first thing waiting for you when you arrive. You'll want to dress in wind protection and have proper footwear. Temps are colder at 11,000 feet so dress comfortably.

Flights lift off in the early morning hours during the summer. The first flights take off before 7 am. Aspen Paragliding flights include a pilot and one passenger. You sit up front with the pilot behind you.

Training to Become a Certified Pilot

I have nothing but respect for people who can not only master paragliding but are good enough to teach it to someone else. The training is intense over a six-month period to complete certification with an overall cost of around $10k.

Scroll on to see photos of the teams at Aspen Paragliding in action and to find out how to book this adrenaline-filled adventure for yourself.

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