There's nothing like going back to a restaurant in your hometown and finding your favorite entree is still on the menu. These days, most people are lucky if their hometown restaurant is still open and hasn't been replaced by a chain.

What are some of Colorado's oldest restaurants that are still open today? Can you think of a restaurant in Grand Junction that has been open here your entire life? Keep going to see twelve of Colorado's oldest restaurants that are still sending customers home happy.

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Some of the Oldest Restaurants are in Denver

First opened as the Rio Grande Exchange (look for the railroad tracks), Denver's Buckhorn Exchange dates back to 1893. This was the first establishment in the state of Colorado to be awarded a license to sell alcohol after prohibition ended. This license is still on display behind the second-floor bar.

What is the Oldest Restaurant Still Open in Colorado?

One of the oldest restaurants in the state has to be The Cliff House at Pikes Peak in Manitou Springs which open in 1874. They've been around so long even Thomas Edison actually dined there along with several other celebs over the years.

What is the Oldest Restaurant Still Open in Grand Junction?

Grand Junction's Winery Restaurant is about to turn 50 years old this year. It's definitely a part of the conversation about the oldest restaurants that are still open today. Buildings like the one that is home to Rockslide Cafe at 4th and Main, and the Blue Moon at 7th and Main, are some of the oldest in town even if the restaurants are not.

What do you think is Grand Junction's oldest restaurant that is still open today? Open our station app and chat your answer.

12 of Colorado's Favorite Old Restaurants that are Still Open

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