When Western Colorado gets ahold of Olathe Sweet, it's usually going on the grill that very night. 2024 will mark the 38th year this special corn will be harvested in Montrose County, Colorado, but when exactly will it be ready to enjoy?

It takes a lot of hard work and planning for a successful harvest of Olathe Sweet Corn every year. Watch the video below from the Montrose Daily Press to watch part of the harvest by hand in Olathe.

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What's So Special About Olathe Sweet Corn?

According to foodrepublic.com, Olathe Sweet is a hybrid corn brought to the area by farmer Dave Galinat. Once it showed it could thrive in Montrose County, John Harold and the Tuxedo Corn Company began growing the corn we all look forward to each summer. Mountain spring water and high elevation give the Olathe sweet corn an extra sugary flavor and delicate texture.

When Is Olathe Sweet Corn Planted?

Olathe Sweet corn is usually planted by May or sooner if the soil has warmed to at least 60 degrees. Harvest begins in July, depending on conditions.

Last year's crop of corn was nearly ruined by an earworm infestation brought about by weather conditions. In an interview with the Colorado Sun, John Harold expressed concerns about this year's sweet corn but was not about to give up on the 15 million dollar sweet corn he has spent perfecting

2024 Olathe Sweet Corn Festival

This year's Olathe Sweet Corn Festival is August 2nd and 3rd at the festival grounds near Highway 50 in Olathe. The festival serves free, all-you-can-eat roasted Olathe Sweet sweet corn donated by Tuxedo Corn Company. Join us in wishing them the best of luck for a successful season as they make preparations for the season.

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