I don't know why we have to learn this same lesson over and over again, don't react online. Social media has become an easy way for people to vent their frustration on a variety of topics and obviously the hot topic right now is the election. Well, one Colorado officer couldn't keep his feeling and emotions in check and decided to post on social media, and because of what he said the officer has now been placed on leave.

The details were first released by 9 News, about officer Jason Taft who is confirmed to be on administrative leave by Platteville Police Department Chief, Carl Dwyer.

While there is no clear answer as to what is going to happen next the chief did say that he is talking to other town management officials and will give an update after a final decision has been made.

One of the best things about this country is the freedom to think the way we want, but what this officer said did cross the line. You cannot be a law enforcement officer and then post on social media for other citizens in our country to "meet me at the battle grounds".

Was this a mistake, yes. Do I personally feel bad for this officer, yeah, a little. He should not have shot off his mouth, but he clearly needed to vent his frustration, and he did that in the worst possible location. Which could not lead to him losing his job and not being able to provide for his family. I'm guessing he learned his lesson, and hopefully, others learn from his mistake as well.

Jason Taft via Facebook
Jason Taft via Facebook
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