Alright, off-road enthusiasts, it's getting warmer outside so it's about that time to get in your vehicles and get dirty on one of these awesome Colorado trails.

If your just a newbie getting his feet wet in off-roading, or a master of off-roading who likes to push their vehicle to the edge this will help you decide where to go.

I will list the top 5 places to take your vehicle off-roading.

While McInnis Canyons is technically not considered off-roading (cleaned dirt road) it makes the list because the views are absolutely breathtaking! If you're just starting out on the dirt road, or just want to take a drive. This one is for you.

Billings Canyon Trail is chalked full of things that will push your vehicle to the limit. Although not a very long trail, it has enough rocks and boulders to make your vehicle cry. So do be worried about a little bit of damage. It is inevitable.

Coal Canyon Trail is one of the most unique out of the group, it is one of the places in the US set aside for wild horses. It is also known for a little part in the trail called "Monster". It's not necessary to take, but the adrenaline rushing inside you is making it hard not to. If the trail is wet only use it with a properly equipped 4x4.

Bangs Canyon is near the top of the list because it is one of the most challenging of the bunch. If you don't want to be challenged there is an easy trail you could take. Bangs Canyon is also a reminder of what the kind of trails there are in Moab, Utah.

Now we are getting to the good stuff. 21 Road north of Grand Junction is at the top being the most challenging. It has intense things to do throughout the whole trail. You don't have to do everything involved on this trail, there are bypasses to take but careful of that also. This trail will put a smile on your face and a little bit of scare in your stomach.

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