August and September are greats months to head out on the open road and explore some of the incredible off-road trails in Western Colorado.

It's Time to Head Off-Road

If you are a Jeep wheeler or someone who has an Off-Highway Vehicle (grab your permit) and check out these 10 trails that are off the beaten path to some of the best scenery around. You'll find plenty of great places to camp and to go fishing along the way.

Find Some Great Places to Explore Colorado is a great place to go to find even more selections around the state. If you get through all 10 suggestions below you can find even more trails with challenging trail ratings by visiting the link.

A Few Safety Tips to Remember

Keeping an eye on the weather can save you a huge headache while out in the wilderness. Rain can quickly turn trails into a muddy mess that may leave you stuck if you are going in alone. It's always a good idea to read some reviews from the wheelers who have already been down a trail and back. You may get a helpful 'heads up' about cattle that roam the trails you're headed down, or you may find that a trail is not recommended during certain times of the year.

Enjoy and have fun! As someone who just bought my first Jeep Wrangler, I can't wait to gets some mods done to be better prepared to explore. The list below features a few trails for all skill levels and a couple that is not for the faint of heart. See y'all out on the back roads!

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From the high elevations of Paradise Pass to the monoliths of Utah, here are 10 great trails to go off-roading on this summer. 

Enjoy a Tour of Colorado's Beautiful 'Mesa Verde' National Park

See the amazing cliff dwellings of Southwestern Colorado that make Mesa Verde National Park a bucket list destination.

Grand Junction Street Names Out-of-Towners Can't Pronounce

You've been there. In a new town with new street names. It's obvious you'll mispronounce a few street names here and there. We've compiled a list of street names around Grand Junction that stump out-of-towners.

Cool Places to Escape Colorado's Hot Temperatures

When summer temps in Colorado become unbearable, there are locations you can go to escape the heat. Most of these locations are high in the mountains, although, that doesn't mean there's nothing to do.

We've researched these locations with an average summer temperature in the mid-80s and below. That doesn't mean the temperatures won't get hotter than this, but it's a good chance you'll feel cooler and find some chill things to do.

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