I will bet you've never heard of a food rescue before.

Stop and think about how much food gets wasted and thrown away and how much that food is needed and you will have the Colorado non-profit called We Don't Waste.

The group picks up food from vendors, restaurants, and caterers and distributes it to those who would normally not have access to it, most notably in areas underserved by grocery stores, etc.

The group was started in 2009 to add to the food supplied by other agencies and concentrates on perishable items.

In Grand Junction the issue is similar. A lot of food ends up being thrown away rather than go to those who really need it. And while there are some places who donate excess food from events, there is still a lot of food being wasted.

It is hoped Grand Junction will come up with something similar for those in our area who really could use a good meal on a consistent basis.

Why put it in the landfill when we can put it to use like they're doing in Denver?

At least it makes good compost.


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