Do you believe a ghost is roaming the St. Regis building in downtown Grand Junction? Do you feel like the Ute curse on Colorado natives is a real thing? Have you ever encountered Big Foot in Colorado?

Colorado is the land of 14er mountains. Tall tales are some of our favorite things to hear about. Lots of Colorado's folklore surrounds events that are not hard to believe. Keep going to check out nine Colorado myths and legends that most Coloradans have no problem believing are the truth.

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Is Colorado the Most Legendary?

Think about the countless myths and legends told over the years in Colorado. We have Big Foot, tales of secret and forgotten caves filled with gold, the Stanley Hotel, the Tommyknockers, the Utes curse, and so many more. Colorado could easily be in the top five in the nation for most legendary states. The list goes on and on.

Some Colorado Legends are Spooky

The next time you visit the Front Range, you can see what the locals say is the grave of an actual vampire. The vampire grave in Lafayette, Colorado, is a popular stop, especially around Halloween time. Legend has it that if you visit this grave, you should bring Theodore 'Fodor' Glava a coin or small trinket to leave at the gravesite. Was he a real-life vampire? The town seems to think so, as do the people who leave behind coins and trinkets near the headstone today.

 What is a Colorado Legend You Heard Growing Up?

Open our station app and share a Colorado legend or myth that you can remember hearing about growing up. We would love to put together a gallery of local legends that others may not have heard before. If it's a really good tip we might even have a station t-shirt for ya.

9 Colorado Myths People Still Believe are True Today

From lost treasure to grizzly bears and high-flying UFOs, Colorado is a state where legends are made. Only the tallest tales will do for the land with the most 14ers. Scroll on to check out 9 popular Colorado myths/legends that are still hot topics today.

MORE: The Ute Tribespeople Believed in Strange Stories + Legends

At one time, this area of Colorado was populated by the Ute Indian tribe who told stories and legends to explain things that might not be explainable.

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There are a number of haunted locations in Colorado you dare not visit. Oddly, one is a popular tourist attraction, and another is a five-star hotel. Regardless, unless encounters with the dead are your cup of tea, these Colorado locations should be avoided.

The gallery below includes information and maps regarding five well-known places in Colorado known to experience paranormal events. The popular Youtube channel Top 5 Scary Videos offers a list of haunted Colorado locations you want to steer clear of, or go out of your way to visit if you enjoy the paranormal.

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