Welcome to Colorful Colorado. The variety of outdoor landscapes in our state matches up nicely with the variety of surnames found here. Have you ever wondered how popular your last name is?

We're taking a look at the top 30 most popular last names found in Colorado according to the folks at the website forebears.

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The Most Popular Last Name in Colorado

The most common last name in the United States is the name Smith. Smith is also the most popular last name in Colorado. There are roughly 47,771 people in the state with this last name.

What Other Names are in the Top 10 in Colorado?

If Smith is up near the top Jones must be as well. The surname Jones is actually #6 in the state. Just out of curiosity, I looked up my own name at forebears at it comes up at like #25. Not bad. The list of the most popular names in Colorado matches up nicely with the most popular names in America. Many of the top names on the nationwide list appear in our top 30.

Colorado's Most Exotic Popular Surnames

Unique names you don't always see or hear are also a part of the top 30 in Colorado. Names like Trujillo, Hernandez, Sanchez, Rodriguez, and Lopez are all well-represented in Colorado but rank lower on the nationwide list of popular names. Scroll on to see each name in the top 30 in Colorado. 

The Most Common Last Names in Colorado - Is One Yours?

Is your last name one of the most common in Colorado? Find out the top 30 last names in Colorado below. You'll see roughly how many people in Colorado have that name, and where it ranks nationwide in the United States.

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