File this under #Westslopebestslope. All of Colorado's top ten most polluted zip codes are located on the Front Range. In fact, one city near Grand Junction is included with having some of the cleanest air in the state.

We're getting down and dirty with the most polluted zip codes in Colorado. Keep going to find out where they are, and what challenges they still face.

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Colorado's Most Polluted Zip Code

Back in 2016, Denver's 80216 was named the most polluted zip code in the United States. That year, a study was released by RealtyTrac working with ATTOM Data Solutions which pointed out environmental hazards in different parts of the country.

What factors go into ranking an area as polluted? Things like air quality, the number of pollution-generating plants, any Superfund clean-up sites, and the number of Brownfield sites (former industrial sites with leftover pollution or contamination)

Colorado's Air Quality Issue

Some communities in the state are centers for industry. They are home to several factories or power plants that release a limited amount of pollution within legal limits. Wildfires in Colorado can also force more particulates into the air, which lowers an air quality rating. Almost all of the locations on the list of most polluted zip codes include air quality issues.

Colorado's Cleanest County

The communities of Louisville, Fort Carson, Superior, and Fruita have some of the cleanest air in the state. Air Quality Index numbers in these locations are so low that the air is almost free of all particulates. These communities are safe places to enjoy the outdoors and play outside.

Keep going to see which zip codes are home to the most pollution in Colorado.

See the Top 10 Most Polluted Zip Codes in Colorado

Industry, traffic, and even wildfires all contribute to the overall pollution found in the state of Colorado. Have you ever wondered which locations in Colorado have to deal with the highest amount of pollution? Take a look at the ten worst zip codes for pollution in Colorado by scrolling through the photos below.

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