Some people complain about it, but I find it hilarious. I'm talking about the many ways we all butcher the names of our Colorado towns. Hey, it's cool. You don't live there. How would you know?

It's kind of like a puzzle or a word scramble. Which town are they trying to say? I'll be the first to admit that I had no idea if I was saying Fruita correctly the first time I saw it on a sign. Then you hear someone else wreck it and I often have to appologize for laughing out loud.

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Which State Has the Most Towns With Odd Names?

Impossible to answer I say. I've lived in 9 states and as a DJ I've said every hard-to-say town wrong at least once. It's how we learn. Guilty as charged. The cajun communities along the Gulf coast have some names we would all get wrong over and over. Likewise, they would have an awful time pronouncing Uncompaghre or many of the Ute names on the Western Slope. I've lived in Texas and I'll say every 4th or 5th town on any highway there is hard to pronounce.

What is Colorado's Most Mispronounced Destination?

If you ask google what the hardest Colorado town to pronounce is you'll see Crested Butte. Really? It's a butte, people. In Colorado, places like Arvada (say arv-ahh-duh), Fruita (fruit-uh, not froo-ee-tuh). Canon City (nobody sees the accent), and Buena Vista (say bew-nuh vista despite all your brain tries to tell ya) are all popular answers.

Grand Junction Shares the Towns People are Always Saying Wrong

We are laughing with you and not at you. Ok, sometimes at you. I'm as guilty as anyone but the first to correct myself if I slip up. We all do it. Fruita has a real shot at being the most mispronounced Colorado town, but who else can we add to the list?

Name a Colorado Town that Most People Mispronounce?

There are plenty of Colorado towns that people just can't pronounce correctly. It's not just the newbies either. Plenty of Colorado natives also have issues saying and spelling towns in our state as well. Which one always gets you? Let's take a look:

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