As we roll through the month of October in Western Colorado a number of really cool houses have gone on the market to finish off the year. Keep scrolling as we take a virtual tour of six of the most expensive homes on the market this month between Grand Junction and Montrose.

These locations range from the Grand Mesa to the Colorado Plateau, from our National Forests to a poolside view in Montrose. Get ready to open our station app and tell us which home is your favorite and why.

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Check Out Six Of Colorado's Most Expensive Homes

One of the most expensive homes for sale in Grand Junction right now includes its own vineyard and an incredible view of the Colorado National Monument. In Mesa, Colorado we found a a home with incredible views and a giant wrap-around porch that lets you see for miles in any direction. You'll also love the view from Mt. Lincoln Street and a home we found on the market in Palisade. Keep going to see them all.

Great Western Colorado Locations

We found a beautiful house just outside of Montrose that overlooks Elk Mountain Resort. In Delta, we found another beautiful home for sale near the Uncompaghre River south of town. In Fruita, we'll take a look at a really cute home for sale off of 19 Road. Scroll through the photos below and let us know which of these pricey palaces would be your pick.

See Inside 6 of Colorado's Most Expensive Homes For Sale Right Now

We're on tour throughout Western Colorado to look at some of the most expensive listings found around the Western Slope. Check out six of the most expensive homes for sale in October in places like Grand Junction, Fruita, Delta, Montrose, and more.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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