Ready for good news? You live in one of the most caring states in America. Colorado has earned three spots on's list of America's 100 Most Caring Cities.

Take a closer look at Colorado's most caring communities below, then check out the nationwide list of the most caring places in the United States below.

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America's Most Caring City

Say cheese. The town of Madison, Wisconsin takes the top spot on the list of the most caring cities in America from Wallethub. The people of Madison search the internet for "charitable donations" more than any town on the list. Madison ranks first in the nation for the number of doctors and EMTs per 100,000 residents, and 4th overall for the number of pet shelters and rescue services.

Colorado's Most Caring City

Colorado is well-represented on Wallethub's list of the 100 Most Caring Cities in America. The Centennial State is recognized three times, and represented by Colorado Springs, Denver, and Aurora.

Colorado Springs shows up as Wallethub's 7th Most Caring City in America. The Springs is ranked 30th in Community Care, 7th in Caring for the Vulnerable, and 24th in caring for the workplace.

Two More Colorado Communities Make The List

Denver is ranked by WalletHub as America's 15th most caring city. The mile-high city was ranked 71st in Community Care, 3rd in Caring for the Vulnerable, and 19th for caring for the workplace.

Aurora, Colorado shows up as the 20th Most Caring City in America. Autora is ranked 50th in Community Care, 20th in Caring for the Vulnerable, and 14th for workplace care.

KEEP GOING: The 100 Most Caring Cities in America

The number-crunching gurus at WalletHub looked at cities throughout the country and rated them on kindness indicators, like a community's crime rate, DUIs, child and adult poverty rates, pet shelters per capita, ADA compliance, and nurses per capita...a total of 38 different indicators were weighted and categorized.
When the dust settled totaled all up and assigned each metro a score from 1 to 100, with 1 being the worst and 100 being the best. Here are the 100 Most Caring Cities in America.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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The list, courtesy of Far & Wide, ranks the best towns to "... live in or visit." In the end, Colorado performed very well with four towns making the list. Texas only had one. Some states didn't appear on the list at all.

Also making the gallery is a town, not in Colorado, but close, finishing at #80 on the list.

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