In 2018, Taylor Castillo was given a shocking diagnosis, she was told by the Swedish Medical Center in Denver that she had uterine cancer and the only option she had was a total hysterectomy.

This was seriously bad news for the 36-year-old mother, as she and her husband had hoped to have a large family. After the procedure, the doctors considered it a total success until three weeks later.

Due to what is being called a "contaminant" in the lab, the test was inaccurate and she ended up having the surgery for no reason at all.

Even worse, the sample used was sent to another hospital, Johns Hopkins, where the results were even worse. Eggs were unable to be harvested because of the severity of her cancer and so, with the diagnosis in hand, the surgery was performed.

As it turned out, unnecessarily. The cancer diagnosis was actually from a different person.

The family is still sorting through what occurred.

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