Most people don't get injured when going out to play a round of golf, and if they do get hurt it might be back pain from their swing. But one Colorado man almost lost his life while on a Colorado golf course over the past weekend.

The details were first released by KSN, about Zak Bornholf and three buddies going golfing in Evergreen, Colorado on Saturday. While on the course the friends noticed some elk and wanted to get a closer look. That closer look almost cost Zak his life as a bull elk charged their golf cart and stabbed him in the stomach.

The elk antler traveled through Zak's body and into his left kidney, which was sliced in two pieces.

Doctors are saying that Zak was very lucky to live through the experience on Saturday because if the injury was three inches to either side he would have died. The dirt on the antlers made the injury much worse than say a knife with a clean cut.

Many golfers say that the course always has elk around and that there have been many close calls with wild animals on the course.

Denver Parks and Recreation isn't considering shutting down the holes on the golf course that seem to be a problem with elk always around because they are hoping this is an isolated incident but urging all golfers to use caution.

We are glad to hear that Zak is going to be okay after this unusual incident on a Colorado golf course.

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