In case you missed it over the Thanksgiving holiday, this happened right here in Colorado. 

31-year old Brock Franklin was sentenced to 472 years in prison for his involvement in a child sex trafficking ring in the Denver area. He was found guilty on 30 counts. Some of them are kidnapping, sexual assault, and child prostitution. It is the largest sentence ever handed down in the United States for these types of charges.

Franklin was the supposed ringleader in this horrific ordeal. Six others were arrested, charged and then indicted in 2015.

Statements taken from victims and from some of the people charged stated that Franklin sought out young women and girls and then would force them with physical abuse into his world of prostitution. Reports are that drugs were used to help manipulate these girls. Franklin would, against their will, have sex with them and then the girls' services would be sold online.

Alright, anyone who read that and didn't want to throw up and then punch this guy with a sledgehammer, I don't think is human. Hopefully, some sort of special HELL awaits him in prison.

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