A Colorado man apparently found God in a very unusual place - a chimney.

The 26 year-old man Dustin Hinkle had to be freed from a chimney in downtown Denver where he had been stuck for a couple of hours.

According to Fox 6 Now, Hinkle and his friends were making an action video practicing parkour, the sport of running, jumping, and climbing over obstacles in an urban setting.

Falling 30-35 feet into the chimney from a balcony above, Hinkle said he thought he was going to die and didn't even believe in God until he survived the fall. He now faces a trespassing charge and may need the Lord's help to help pay for the cost of the rescue.

This guy isn't the first person in the world to get stuck in a chimney, but usually the guys that get stuck are trying to climb down the smoke stack with plans to perform dastardly deeds inside the house.

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