2024 is off to a rough start for big brands and chain stores nationwide and here in Colorado. With each passing week, we hear about another company announcing plans to restructure and close locations.

Macy's, Inc. finished the month of February with a significant restructuring announcement that included plans to close as many as 150 additional stores by 2026. Colorado is down to just ten Macy's locations. Is that number about to change?

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Big Brands Closing Stores in 2024

The list of popular big-brand stores planning to close locations in 2024 continues to grow. Last week, the parent company of Outback Steakhouse, Bloomin' Brands, announced several closures that could impact remaining Colorado locations. Additional big brand stores that have announced closings that could affect Colorado stores include Foot Locker, Rite Aid, Gap, and Bust Buy.

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Macy's Restructuring Closes 150 Stores

Lohud.com reports Macy's CEO Tony Spring has announced plans to close 150 stores nationwide by 2026. The company plans to close stores and focus on luxury clothing brand Bloomingdales and luxury skincare and makeup brand BlueMercury. This follows Macy's announcement in January they would close five Macy's locations and lay off nearly 2,300 employees in 2024.

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Are Colorado Locations Safe?

Coloradans are down to just TEN Macy's locations in the Centennial State, and it's hard to imagine the number will not shrink a little more before the end of the year. There is a chance Colorado could lose all ten locations by the time Macy's restructuring is complete. Plans announced in the fall of 2023 indicated Macy's also has plans to open 30 small-format locations. Colorado could see smaller locations open and larger locations replaced.

Find your way to all ten of Colorado's remaining Macy's locations below.

These Are the Last 10 Macy's Department Stores Left in Colorado

Rowland Hussey Macy opened his first Macy's Department Store 166 years ago. Since 1858, Macy's has grown to more than 500 locations nationwide. Colorado was once home to 14 locations, but that number continues to decline. With additional closures possible in 2024, it's time to hurry to your favorite Macy's while you can. Here is where to find their last ten locations in the Centennial State.

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Some of the nation's largest big box retailers continue to see tough times ahead for our economy and are cutting costs, along with several stores. See which big box retailers are likely to continue to close locations in Colorado in 2024.

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