Due to the rising costs of prescription medications, Colorado is looking to import them from Canada.

Senate Bill 19-005, the Colorado Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs Act has passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and will now go through appropriations.

Governor Polis made mention of the possibility during his State of the State message stating:

“Canada has the same drugs from the same manufacturing plants that we have here in the United States — but often at one-half, one-third, yes, even one-quarter of the cost,” Polis said. “The burden that prescription drug costs place on families is simply too crushing for us not to act boldly.”

Colorado would, in effect act as a wholesaler making sure the more expensive drugs would be bought at a lower rate and made available to those who need them.

The idea is now being studied by the Department of Healthcare and Financing and would ultimately need approval at the federal level before it could be implemented.

Any time a patient would have to decide whether or not to pay their rent or get their medication is a time to reconsider the costs of the medication, which Colorado is now doing.

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