Colorado voters will get the chance to hear from many of the state's legislative candidates this weekend

The Club 20 Candidate Debates are being conducted Saturday, September 19 in the CMU-TV recording studio at Colorado Mesa University. The event will be streamed live on the Club 20 Facebook Page and will also be uploaded to their YouTube channel two hours after the conclusion of the debates.

Due to COVID-19, there will be no live audience or audience participation in the studio. However, Club 20 has given voters a chance to submit possible questions for the debates on its website, so some of those questions may come up. Following the conclusion of the debates, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner will speak to the Club 20 Fall Conference.

Watching political debates might not be the most fun you could have this weekend, but it's the best way to be informed about where candidates stand on issues that are important to you. If you don't know which candidate will be on your ballot, check this District Map to see which district you are in. Districts 54, 55, 57 58, 59, and 61 would be most relevant to western Colorado voters.

Here's the debate schedule. (DNR indicates the candidate was invited but did not respond)

8:30am - HOUSE DISTRICT 54
* Matt Soper (R)
* Alice Marie Slaven-Edmon (D)

9:00am - HOUSE DISTRICT 55
* Janice Rich (R)
* Scott Beilfuss (D)

9:45am - HOUSE DISTRICT 58
* Marc Catlin (R)
* Seth Cagin (D) DNR

10:05am - HOUSE DISTRICT 59
* Barbara McLachlan (D)
* Marilyn Harris (R)

10:40am - HOUSE DISTRICT 57
* Perry Will (R)
* Colin Wilhelm (D)

* Bob Rankin (R)
* Karl Hanlon (D)

* Joyce Rankin (R)
* Mayling Simpson (D)

12:30pm - HOUSE DISTRICT 61
* Julie McCluskie (D)
* Kim McGahey (R)

1:15pm - HOUSE DISTRICT 13
* Judy Amabile (D)
* Kevin Sipple (R) DNR

1:35pm - HOUSE DISTRICT 26
* Dylan Roberts (D) Uncontested

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