Are you as annoyed by robocalls as everyone else is?

If you are, you may be pleased to know Colorado Senator Cory Gardner is introducing legislation to help reduce or possibly end those dang things.

The bill, a bipartisan effort titled the Traced Act will increase fines for those making illegal calls to up to $10,000 per call. It will also task phone companies with coming up with a system to verify the legitimacy of the numbers calling from.

A company that tracks those calls estimates robocalls are being made at nearly 2,000 per second. Sometimes it seems as though all 2,000 of those calls come to our phones.

Most phones will identify whether or not it's a scam and allow you to not answer the call, but then they end up on voicemail with no message. That in itself is pretty annoying.

While you can register for the Do Not Call Registry, there is no guarantee it will eliminate those robocalls. Once you register it does take 30 days for it to begin working.

There is one positive to all of those robocalls, though. I have now mastered deleting voice mails.

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