Is anyone else looking at your Grand Junction calendar in disbelief? In the blink of an eye, we are almost at the end of our Colorado summer. We still have a few weeks left to go for one more getaway, but where should we go?

Colorado is loaded with great places to escape to. We asked you to tell us about a place that is perfect for last-minute getaways and one last blast of summer. Keep going to check out eight of the top answers, and find out some pretty cool ways to spend a weekend.

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Suggest a Great Getaway

Open our station app and hit the chat button to talk with us about your favorite place for a last-minute escape. Is your perfect place just up the road in Glade Park, or is the perfect getaway somewhere down in the Cimarron Ridge? Let us know so we can add your suggestion to the list below.

Last-Minute Getaways in Colorado

Some great suggestions for last-minute getaways include places like Ouray, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, Manitou Springs, and even the Uncompahgre Plateau. Scroll on to check out all eight destinations that are perfect for a last-minute getaway and for some ideas about what to do when you get there.

The Closest Escape to Grand Junction

You don't have to drive all day to escape the day-to-day in Grand Junction. There is a beautiful reminder right outside your window that offers the perfect escape at 10,000 feet. The Grand Mesa is a one-stop vacation with so many things to do for people who love the outdoors. If you live near Grand Junction, it's probably one of your favorite places to visit for a last-minute escape.

Apparently, These are the 8 Best Last-Minute Getaways in Colorado

Looking to get away? Enjoy the final lap of summer without spending a week in the car. Colorado is full of cool destinations that make for great last-minute getaways. We asked you to share some of your favorite places to escape to at the last minute. Here are the top eight answers:

KEEP GOING: What Cool Colorado Destinations Belong on Our Summer Bucket List?

Looking for fun places to visit this summer that you have not been to before? Check out eight great suggestions from our audience for Colorado bucket-list destinations you should visit this summer. Scroll through the list below and add your bucket list destination to the list by opening our mobile app.

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Some places in Colorado are worth looking at virtually, and others are the kinds of places that must be seen in person. Check out a bucket list of Colorado Museums you need to be sure to visit in person this spring or summer.

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