Colorado's swamps, sloughs, and wetlands help our state with water storage, and they help provide a habitat for our wildlife. In a state famous for 14er mountains, you may be wondering, where are some of Colorado's biggest swamps?

Many of Colorado's swamps and wetlands are out in the middle of nowhere, but that doesn't mean they are not popular places to visit.

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Colorado's Swamplands

Colorado's wetlands, swamps, and sloughs are great places for solitude, bird watching, observing fall colors, or watching wildlife. Some of these areas are home to great places to fish, and many are close to hiking and biking trails.

Where Are Colorado's Largest Swamps?

13 of Colorado's largest swamps
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While there are a couple of swampland out on the Colorado plains, many of the larger swamps are in the central mountains and on the Western Slope. Did you know there is a big old swamp up on the Grand Mesa? It's a place called Mushy Park. Is that not the greatest name for a swamp? It's located out by Crater Peak on the Delta County side of the Mesa.

Wildlife Found in Colorado's Swamps

Checking out Colorado's swamps and wetlands is a great place for wildlife photography. Colorado's swamps are the perfect place to watch ducks raising their young. In some locations, you'll find white-tail deer, moose, tons of songbirds, beavers, toads, and other surprises.

Keep going to learn more about 13 of Colorado's largest swamps.

13 of the Largest Swamps in the State of Colorado

Colorado's swamps are in the middle of nowhere, but they are great places to explore and watch for wildlife. Did you know some of Colorado's Elk herds even spend part of the winter months hiding in our swamplands?
Find out where 13 of Colorado's largest swamps and wetlands are located by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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