How big is the largest American flag flying over the United States today? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, a flag once owned by Thomas “Ski” Demski of Long Beach, California, measured 500 feet by 225 feet and weighed about 3000 pounds.

What about the largest American Flag to fly over the state of Colorado? Where is it located? See the version of "Old Glory" below that has held everyone's attention since 2021, when Colorado's largest American flag was raised on a 154-foot pole near I-25 in Denver.

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The Largest American Flags in America

It's been a while since anyone has seen the largest American flag listed in the Book of World Records. The Thomas “Ski” Demski flag flew over Long Beach, California, in the 80s until his neighbors sued to have it removed because it flapped too loudly in the wind. Learn more about this incredible flag here.

The Largest American Flag in Colorado

The largest American Flag in Colorado went up in 2021 and flies near 6th Avenue and I-25 in Denver. It measures 80 feet by 40 feet on top of a 154-foot flag pole. The flag is owned by Brad Apple, who runs Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. in Denver.

Colorado's largest American flag comes down about once a month for repairs and stitching, which can cost about $150. When the flag can no longer be repaired, it is replaced with a new 80 X 40 flag at the cost of about $6000, according to

How Large Is the Flag at Weber Ranch in Ridgway, Colorado?

Large American Flag in Ridgway, Colorado.
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Coloradans on the Western Slope know of another impressive American Flag on display between Ouray and Ridgway. The American Flag at Weber Ranch went up on January 1st, 2021. Find this flag by traveling south from Montrose on Highway 550. You'll see it on the right side of the road near the Orvis Hot SpringsClick here for a video of the flag at Weber Ranch in Ridgway.

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