It's Getting Crowded Colorado Just Added 80,000 More Residents, When I asked what brought you here this is what you said:

I think one of the best places to live in Colorado is Grand Junction.
The population of Grand Junction is around 60,000 I would say this is a perfect size town. It has just about everything you would want, and I can't say enough about the beauty.
Now according to the USA Today, Colorado Springs is the 2nd most desirable city to live in and coming in 3rd is Denver Colorado.
I didn't see Grand Junction in the top 100 this year, but in 2005 it was ranked at 62.
Cost of living is a little higher than the national average by 2.00.
The unemployment rate is slighter higher than the average, by about 1.37.
The average commute time is about 16 minutes which isn't bad, and the median price of a home is about 220.000 dollars.
Does Grand Junction sound like the place for you?

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