If given the choice most America's would move to Colorado.

I was at the "Market On Main" Thursday evening when an older couple wandered up to the 95 Rock tent.  They asked "What's going here? Do they do this market thing every week or something?" They were odiously not from around here.

As we continued the conversation they explained they were from a community of similar size to Grand Junction along the coast of Massachusetts.  They had just arrived in town, checked into a downtown hotel, and wandered into the festivities.  They were on a road trip across the west in search of a place to retire. I began to inform them how cool life was here on the western slope. He shook my hand and thanked me for "the great info." Their plan was to spend the next couple of days looking around. If they wind up moving here, it wouldn't be a surprise. It appears others agree.

According to the results of a recent poll by the website porch.com, a moving and home improvement website, Colorado is “the most desirable location to move to." The survey asked US citizens if given a choice, "What state they would most like to move to?"  Colorado finished on top, even topping Hawaii and California.

I'm certain most locals aren't surprised by the results. I mean where else can you find so much beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and over here on the western slope a reasonable cost of living. That was a major concern with the couple I met. They said their home town along the east coast was getting "too expensive...we can't afford to retire there." It's true, there has been an influx of coastal dwellers, from both coasts, retiring here. Colorado is a better deal with the most 'bang for your buck.'

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