Colorado finishes Top six on the list of 'Best Paces To Live.'

The folks at the website have crunched the numbers.

To no one's surprise, the Centennial State ranks right up near the top of the mountain of best places to live. Our neighbors to the west, Utah, finished up in the 12th spot. Not bad, either.

Here's a brief breakdown at some of the criteria involved in the decision process:

  • 10-year population growth - Colorado is at 19.6 per cent
  • Unemployment rate - 3.5 per cent
  • Poverty Rate - 11.5 per cent
  • Life Expectancy - 79.6 years

Some other items they looked at was education. In Colorado, almost 40 percent of residents has at least a bachelor's degree. That's the greatest percentage besides Massachusetts. Overall, the statewide job market is better than most.

I will admit, it's difficult to judge an entire state in somewhat general terms. We all now there is a vast difference between the Western Slope and the Front Range. I would like to see those numbers specifically for Mesa County or the Slope specifically. Those numbers might not come out as pristine.

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