How often do you think someone has shown up at a local post office in Colorado trying to mail a small animal? Well, it must have happened a lot because a review of the items you are not allowed to mail in Colorado looks like the roster at Old McDonald's Farm.

What items can't be delivered by the United States Postal Service? Keep going to read a list of banned items that should probably go without saying yet had to be added in writing by a government agency.

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Items USPS Won't Mail in Colorado

As you can imagine, the postal service would appreciate keeping anything flammable far away from the post office. They don't like delivering spoiled fruit baskets, cash, dead animals, or parts of dead animals. Not only are there banned items to be aware of, but hundreds of items include restrictions that require special packaging.

Colorado Needs A Critter Delivery Service

The USPS list of items banned from being mailed in Colorado includes several animals. While you can't mail kittens, puppies, rabbits, or snakes, the USPS will deliver live bees, scorpions, and some live adult birds under a specified size.

Find Options Elsewhere

Just because you can't get the USPS to deliver something doesn't mean you are out of options. Just because the post office won't mail your fireworks off to your cousin doesn't mean that FedEx or UPS will not. Many items the USPS has banned for delivery are items these companies work with all the time.

Keep going to see 21 items you are not allowed to mail in the state of Colorado.

21 Items You’re Banned from Mailing in Colorado

Are you planning to mail a package from the post office in Colorado? Take a moment to look over the photo gallery below, which includes twenty-one items banned for delivery in Colorado by the United States Postal Service.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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