Colorado, are you ready for some Moolah? The KEKB Cash Cow is back with your chance to win up to $30,000 on our station app. We have ten Cash Cow codes each weekday to give you plenty of chances to Win Cash.

Take a vacation, fix up the roof, buy a new car, or help out friends or family with some extra cash. colora

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Head to the App Store and search KEKB FM. You'll be able to find out FREE station app powered by Carville's Automart. Once you install the app on your phone, open it up. On the home screen you will notice a button labeled 'Cash Cow'. Smash that button to access the code entry, and scroll down to the date and hour of the code you wish to enter. We'll show you in this short video.

Watch A Quick 'How To' Video

You'll need to fill out your email address and confirm your zip code, and you can start entering codes. It only takes one entry to win $30,000, but the more codes you enter each weekday, the better your odds of winning the Grand Prize jackpot. Good luck, Grand Junction.

Listen 10 Times Each Weekday

The Cash Cow is back every weekday in April. The codes start at 8:20 am. You'll hear a cash code every hour between 8 am and 5 pm. Listen with a friend or coworker (code buddy) to catch them all for the best chance to win.

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Win Cash is back which means 10 chances to win moolah each weekday. The daily prizes are worth $100, but the grand prize jackpot is worth $30,000! What would you do if we gave you $30K? Scroll on to see the heartfelt ideas Grand Junction has spending and sharing the prize money.

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We've got your shot to win cash 10 times each weekday on our station app! If you scored one of the 10 daily cash prizes of $100 where would you spend the money in Grand Junction? Scroll on for a great list of ideas from our winners and others like you who are playing to win.

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We have your chance to win up to $30,000. I asked people in Grand Junction and Western Colorado, "If you won the $30,000 but had to spend it on someone else, who would you spend it on, and what would you buy them?"

Tons of replies rolled in. Here's a look at Part II:

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