One Colorado developer is about to break ground on a housing project offering new homes for under $300,000.

What will these houses be like? Well, they're not mansions, but they are certainly adequate in size. According to the Denver Channel, houses will be between 950 and 1,200 square feet. Prices will start around $250,000.

Where in Colorado will you find these? Answer: not Grand Junction. Sorry, this project is planned for Berthoud, Colorado.

Is this great news? In a way, yes, and in some instances, no. With Colorado's tight real estate market, finding anything can be difficult. Many homes are priced so far out of reach a person doesn't stand a chance. On the other hand, I can remember a time when you could purchase a new home in Grand Junction for around $28,000. Please note, that's $28,000, not $280,000. There's a zero missing, and it makes a profound difference.

When I purchased my Grand Junction home in 2001, I paid exactly $96,660. That was for a new 1,350 square foot house with a two-car garage. Okay, my lot isn't much bigger than the house, but it's not bad. The price of $96,660 was enough to curl my hair. If you know how little hair I have and how short it is, then you know this is really saying something.

When can you buy? Hold on a second. Mission Homes won't event break ground until this summer. How do you get in on this opportunity? You can register for "priority signup" at their official webpage.

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