Fads come and go. There were the hippies, the neon Day-Glo of the '80s, the '90s grunge look, and most recently, the hipster look. It's a look that has become pretty popular in parts of Colorado and luckily for anyone that wants to hop on the bandwagon, it's a pretty easy look to capture.

Popular in Colorado

Hipsters have become pretty popular in certain parts of Colorado, namely bigger cities such as Denver, as well as college towns like Boulder and Fort Collins.

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More Than Just a Look

While the hipster has a distinct look, the stereotype goes beyond just aesthetics. For example, hipsters are stereotypically snobby about their coffee, craft beers, the music they listen to (typically on vinyl,) and the food they eat.

However, this has nothing to do with any of that, but merely the hipster aesthetic. Here are 25 things you'll need to look like a stereotypical Colorado hipster:

25 Steps to Look Like a Stereotypical Colorado Hipster

You know them, I know them, and we call them 'hipsters.' Follow these 25 steps and you can look like a stereotypical Colorado hipster too.

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