There are lots of cool places to explore beyond the Colorado National Monument like the short trail to Little Dolores Falls near Glade Park (just 25 miles from Grand Junction).

This trail requires a careful step down towards the river over smooth rocks. Despite the steep cliffs, the trail is generally rated as easy by most trail sites as it is very short. While the area has a history as a swimming hole, there was not nearly enough water for anything like that during this visit.

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The Potholes at Little Dolores Falls in Glade Park, Colorado

The pools or 'potholes' formed between the falls on the Little Dolores are found in the middle of a cool-looking rock crevasse along the river near 9 and 8/10ths Road. People would wade in pools between the falls to cool off on summer days back when the water levels were higher.

How to Find the Little Dolores Falls Trail in Glade Park, Colorado

The parking area and the trail to the falls are found off 8 and 9/10ths Road about a mile beyond the Miracle Rock Recreation Area. The river is to your right as you drive down the dirt/gravel road. A gravel road that appears much newer is the turn-off to the falls. There are no signs along 8 and 9/10ths Road marking the falls or the parking area that we would see during this visit.

Watch Your Step Hiking Down the Rocks Near the Little Dolores River

The Little Dolores Falls trail off 8 & 9/10ths Road is about a 20-minute drive down DS Road which you can access from the Colorado National Monument or Little Park. Once you hike back into the crevasse make sure the rocks are dry before climbing down. They are extremely slippery when wet or covered in frost. Scroll on to see for yourself.

Photos: A Look at Beautiful Little Dolores Falls in Glade Park

Join us for a short hike down the rocks to the old swimming hole at Little Dolores Falls in Glade Park, Colorado. The shallow wading pools were once a popular swimming hole for campers enjoying the Miracle Rock camping area.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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