Getting on the highway in Grand Junction, Colorado usually means traveling down I-70 or Highway 50. Both routes can be busy at times, especially I-70. These are both areas with some of the highest numbers of car accidents in Mesa County.

As if highway road conditions were not enough to deal with, sometimes it's the other drivers on the road that can be the biggest obstacle between you and your destination.

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How Many Miles of Highway Are in Colorado?

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration says Colorado has 183,498 total lane miles of highway. That's a ton of mileage for pet peeves and lousy drivers. On which highway in Colorado do you feel you encounter the most annoying drivers?

Can I Report Dangerous Driving in Colorado?

You bet you can. The Colorado State Patrol has a Colorado-wide number for reporting aggressive and dangerous highway driving. Wait to contact them until you are parked in a safe place. If you can, provide authorities with a vehicle description, license plate, and the direction the driver was headed when you dial *277 (STAR CSP)

Colorado Infrastructure and Road Conditions

Lots of us included bad roads and potholes as highway pet peeves. If you slam into a Colorado-sized pothole you should contact the closest CDOT regional office to report the location of the road hazard.

  • Denver Metro Region 1: (303) 759-2368
  • Southeastern Colorado Region 2: (719) 562-5568
  • Northwestern Colorado Region 3: (970) 243-2368
  • Northeastern Colorado Region 4: (970) 350-2368
  • Southwestern Colorado Region 5: (970) 385-1423

Scroll on to see what you had to say about the things people do on the highway that annoy you the most.

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