America's healthcare industry has been forced to deal with COVID-19 emergencies over the past couple of years, but as we head into 2024, we move forward with recovery.

Recently, published a hard look at STD rates across the nation which will remind Americans that STDs still affect more than 110 million people, with 20 million new infections each year.

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Colorado's Worst STD Rates

The two worst cities for STDs in Colorado are part of a list of the top 100 worst cities for STDs in America. Colorado Springs ranks at number 47 on the list of the worst 100 cities in America for STDs, while Denver ranks 51 on the list.

The city of Colorado Springs reports 784 STDs per 100,000 residents. Colorado Springs reports 40 HIV cases, 4,164 Chlamydia Cases, 1,446 Gonorrhea Cases, and 87 Syphilis Cases.

The city of Denver reports 758 STDs per 100,000 residents. Denver reports 221 HIV cases, 14,295 Chlamydia Cases, 6,171 Gonorrhea Cases, and 807 Syphilis Cases.

STD Rates in Colorado's Neighboring States

Innerbody's data shows that America's southland is still one of the worst areas for STDs. 14 of the top 25 cities are located in the south. What about STDs in Colorado's neighboring states?

In Utah, Salt Lake City is ranked #77 on the top 100 worst cities in America for STDs. Albuquerque, New Mexico ranks 34th in the nation, while Little Rock, Arizona, is ranked 8th. Omaha, Nebraska, shows up at #40, while Kansas City, Kansas ranks 70th.

Colorado's Most Common STD

The STD that affects the most people in Colorado is ChlamydiaChlamydia rates in Colorado are currently around 453.9 cases per 100,000 people. Prescription antibiotics continue to be the most effective cure for Chlamydia as most patients take doxycycline and azithromycin. 

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