Colorado is home to some of the best National and State Parks anywhere in America. We're also pretty lucky to have a number of National Monuments in the Centennial State as well. Some say the only downside to these parks is having to share them with tourists.

Well, lucky for us there are plenty of places the tourists will never know about, and several more they'll never be able to access with their airport rental car. Keep going for a closer look at some of the hidden gems in Colorado that often take a back seat to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Colorado's Hidden Gems

I think you could keep yourself busy for a long time just trying to work your way down the list of Colorado's incredible scenic byways. How many have you traveled over? Once you finish with the byways, what about visiting each of Colorado's National Forests? This is another great way to spend a summer outdoors. Going down either of these paths is a great way to get much closer to so many of Colorado's beautiful places that are off the beaten path.

Colorado's Favorite Outdoor Destinations

Looking for a fun outdoor experience that does not involve paying to visit a National Park? Today we're going to show off seven must-see places in Colorado that you'll want to visit with plenty of memory left on your phone because you'll be taking lots of photos.

  • Owl Creek Pass
  • Perimeter Trail in Ouray
  • Alpine Loop Byway
  • Wheeler Geologic Area
  • Monarch Mountain
  • The Spanish Peaks

Check Those Tires

The reason these beautiful hidden gems have stayed hidden may be because they are located on OHV Roads or mountain passes that require high clearance. Be sure to double-check your tires before heading out.

Don't have a high-clearance vehicle? Jeep rentals or Jeep tours are available near many of Colorado's OHV roads such as the Alpine Loop. A Jeep tour through the mountains should be on everyone's bucket list at least once.

7 Hidden Gems In Colorado Totally Worth The Drive

Colorado might as well be called the Hidden Gem State because we have so many cool places to see if you are willing to go look for them. We're checking out seven places that often take a back seat to Rocky Mountain National Park, but are totally worth the drive. Keep scrolling to get familiar with these fun outdoor destinations.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Colorado is home to 26 amazing and beautiful scenic byways. Scroll on for a glimpse of each of them as we navigate Colorado's most beautiful roadways. Summer means peak driving season for many of the byways so it's time to hit the road.

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Colorado is home to 11 national forests that total more than 10,000,000 acres. Scroll through each of them in the photo gallery below ranked smallest to largest. We will include maps for each one so you can get out and explore.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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