Did you know cars have been driving around Colorado with high and low-beam headlights since 1924? Things got even brighter in 2006 when vehicles started being equipped with low-beam LED headlights.

Knowing when to turn on your high beams and when to dim them is an important part of driving at night in Grand Junction or anywhere else in Colorado. Blinding oncoming traffic with your high beams can result in an expensive fine, plus points on your driving record.

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Colorado's Guidelines For Dimming Headlights

High-beam headlights are generally for use on Interstates, Country Roads, and in rural areas. The Colorado Headlight Law says motorists using high-beam headlights must dim those lights when within 500 feet of oncoming traffic, or 200 feet of a vehicle traveling in the same lane in front of you.

Read more about Colorado Revised Statutes Section 42-4-204 

Can You Go To Jail For Not Dimming Headlights?

High-beam headlights have the potential to blind other motorists and cause unintended consequences when used incorrectly. In Colorado, you can get a ticket for driving around with your brights on at all times. This is a Class A traffic infraction which can cost more than $100. Driving recklessly with bright headlights is so dangerous that the penalty also includes 2 DMV points against your license.

Blinded By The Light

Avoid making bright lights worse at night by keeping the windshield in your car clean (inside and out). If an oncoming vehicle's lights start to blind you, try to focus on the white line marking the shoulder of the road to your right until the car passes.

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