Don't you hate it when you end up working on your day off? This Colorado barber shop employee doesn't, at least not in this case. Working on her day off resulted in a $2,500 tip.

Ilisia Novotny, a stylist at Floyd's 99 barbershop at the University of Denver, was anxious to pick up an extra shift. Finances had been tough ever since Denver's stay-at-home order closed the barbershop to the public. Late in the day on Saturday, a walk-in customer made not only her day, but everyone at the shop's.

Imagine, if you can, getting a $2,500 "anonymous" tip. According to the Greeley Tribune, that's exactly what happened. Novotny was given a $2,500 tip while the other employees of the shop received gratuities in various amounts. The tips equaled:

  • $2,500 for Novotny
  • $500 for the receptionist
  • $1000 for the general manager
  • $100 each for the remaining 18 employees at the barbershop

Add that up, and you reach a total of $5,800. Not bad for a haircut.

Is it possible this was all a big mistake? Did the customer accidentally miscount the tip money? The answer is a resounding "no." According to Novotny, the customer said, "Just so you know, it's not a mistake."

Coming back and having clients, even people you don’t know, show so much love, it felt great.” - Ilisia Novotny

Admittedly, I'm tipping a little more now than before. Don't get too excited, though. Instead of my usual $1 or $2 tip, I now leave $5. That is obviously a long way from a $2,500 tip, but that dollar amount represents my hair budget for the remainder of my life.

What will Novotny do with the generous tip? The Greeley Tribune reports she will use the money to pay June's rent in advance.

Thank you to the gentleman responsible for leaving this generous gift. Workers in the various service industries took a serious financial beating during the months of March, April, and now into May. This motivates me to continue tipping at a higher rate, at least for as long as I can afford to.

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