If you've lived in Colorado long enough, you've undoubtedly experienced some pretty wicked hailstorms. These storms often start out like any other thunderstorm, but the rain turns into little white balls that often turn into big white balls that can do some serious damage.

Hailstorms in Colorado have caused massive amounts of damage to vehicles, homes, windows of all kinds, and more.

If you've been in an especially severe hailstorm, that memory likely haunts you to this day, especially if it resulted in your car being totaled, or worse.

This is by no doubt the case for anyone that experienced an especially nasty hailstorm back in August of 1994, and we have documented proof of just how bad it was.

Apocalyptic Colorado Hailstorm of 1994

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This particular storm took place in Colorado Springs, Colorado in August of 1994. Unlike today, not everyone had a camera conveniently in their pocket at all times, but one person did and caught the aftermath of the storm on tape.

In the footage, you can see a roadway literally buried in feet of hail, along with cars, and even some people. Emergency crews arrived at the scene of the devastation and joined what appear to be some civilians searching through the literal feet of hail with flashlights.

The man who documented the scene had this to say about it:

By the time I got my camera, half the hail had melted. On some of the cars you can see hail still piled up on the hoods and trunks. The hail was that deep. This video was taken a couple of hours after the storm had ended and the hail had melted and settled.

After posting the footage online, another man that experienced the terrible weather commented the following:

...when I tell people about this storm here, they look at me like I'm nuts, thanks for the proof.

Keep scrolling to see the absolute devastation from that awful day in Colorado Springs back in August 1994.

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