It has been revealed that a Colorado gun shop sold a firearm to the man who shot and killed 26 in Texas.

Specialty Sports and Supply in Colorado Springs was informed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives that they had sold a handgun to the man who went on to be responsible for the mass shooting in a Texas church. But, no one is blaming them.

Jeff Lepp, the store owner, said his stomach sank when he was told what had happened. Lepp worked with the ATF to trace the handgun and fortunately, it was not one that was used in the tragic incident.

Lepp was quoted as saying "At least, thank God for that. So I don’t have to think about that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the guy killed a lot of people."

Throughout this investigation, it was also discovered that the United States Air Force failed to report a domestic abuse conviction of the would-be shooter. They are required by law to input such incidents into the National Criminal Information Center Database. Because of this, the shooter's name, profile and the charge never appeared when doing a background check.

That would have prevented the shooter from being able to purchase a firearm at Lepp's store, but would it have stopped him from getting a gun or several somewhere else? Probably not.

I feel for the Lepp and his staff at the store in Colorado Springs. Even though they did absolutely nothing wrong, just to go through that experience and be that close to something that tragic, cannot be easy.

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