Just when you thought you had the parking meters in downtown Grand Junction figured out, here come the changes. If you frequently park at the meters throughout downtown, keep an eye out for new meters coming soon.

Grand Junction Partnership Director Brandon Stam told News 11, "Creating more convenient parking solutions will help improve the customer experience, and the tiered increases will encourage more utilization and availability of parking spots for customers closer to downtown businesses.”

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Parking Meter Changes Coming to Grand Junction

The city of Grand Junction has announced new parking meters are coming to the downtown area in 2024, along with a rate increase. The city says local businesses will benefit as the new meter rate is expected to cause more turnover in parking spaces and allow for more customers. Grand Junction will invest revenue from the parking meters into lot maintenance.

Paying for Metered Parking

The new meters will allow you to pay with coins, a credit card, or the Passport App. Grand Junction plans to increase enforcement of the parking meters.

What will the new parking rates be in downtown Grand Junction next month? Look for an increase in the price of the 2-4 hour meters from $.75 per hour to $1 per hour. 10-hour meters will go up to $.50 per hour. Garage-covered parking increases from $65 to $75 per month. Garage-covered spots that were $15 per month will increase to $30.

New Meters are Coming in February

You'll see the new parking meters in downtown Grand Junction by February 1st, the same day the new parking rates go into effect.

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