It's a busy time of year in the Grand Valley. We all have lots of shopping to finish before the holidays and plenty of Grand Junction/Delta/Montrose events we would like to fit into our schedules. They call it the "holiday rush" for a reason: everyone is in a hurry to get things done.

Some of Grand Junction's traffic lights are completly confused by this time of year. The lights seem to stay red traffic even longer as if it was some homage to Santa himself. Which traffic lights seem to stay red the longest in the Grand Valley?

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The Longest Red Light in Grand Junction

In the photo gallery below, I must agree with the comments from Sonja and Brian. They pointed out a couple of lights around Grand Junction that seem to go to sleep. They don't always register that a car is waiting at an intersection for a light to cycle. This includes the light going into Riverside and the light at 32 Road and F Road.

Can I Run A Red Light If No One Is Around?

We've all done it. You are waiting for a light to change during off-peak hours, and it stays red. We saw several comments that said, "Nobody else was around, so I ran the light." This is technically illegal.

Sometimes rolling your car across the sensor a second time will trigger the light to change. Another option is to make a right-turn at the light that won't change, then make a legal U-turn at the next available spot. Head back to the intersection. As long as no one else is around, this is a pretty easy option that won't get you a ticket for running a red light.

Keep going to see which traffic signals you told us are the longest lights in Grand Junction.

What Is the Longest Traffic Light in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Have you ever been stopped at a red light in Grand Junction that seems to stay red for an eternity? Have you ever waited and waited for a light that never changed? See which traffic lights in the Grand Valley stay red the longest according to you.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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